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About Us

Welcome to Bryn Baptist Church

Thanks for dropping by

Firstly we are pleased that you have found us! We’ve been a part of the community of Bryn since 1877 and although we remain a Bible believing church, we want to share the good news of Jesus Christ in a relevant and uplifting way to all.  If you’d like more information about what we believe then visit the vision and values section of our website.

A place of warmth and welcome

We run services and activities which are suitable for all.  Young or old.  New to church or not, you will find a friendly, modern environment where you can relax and enjoy the friendship and support of others around you alongside our leadership team.

We hold both family friendly and more contemplative services of worship on Sundays alongside Bible study groups, home groups and prayer groups.

Sunday Services at Bryn

  • Breaking of Bread (Communion)
    9.30 am except the last Sunday in the month when communion will be in the morning service.

    Contemplative worship centered around the Lord’s Table

    (all believers welcome to share communion)

  • Family Service
    10.30 am

    Informal, ideal for families

    (also includes ‘Sunday School’ for children)

  • Evening Service
    6.00 pm

    Hymns, Readings and Sermons, Periodically Cafe Church and Special Occasions. Watch this site for Special Event details.

Sunday Speakers at Bryn

  • April 5th 2020
    10:30 am – TBA

    6:00 pm – TBA

  • 10th April 2020 (Good Friday)
    10:30 am – TBA
  • April 12th 2020 (Easter Sunday)
    10:30 am – TBA

    6:00 pm – TBA

  • April 19th 2020
    10:30 am – TBA

    6:00 pm – TBA

  • April 26th 2020
    10:30 am – TBA

    6:00 pm – TBA

Mid-week Meetings

  • Stay and Play, Mums and Tots Group
    Due to current Corona-virus issues, Stay and Play will be closed until situation settles. Early anticipation of resumption after Easter. watch this site for resumption. If you are regular user and registered, we will contact you when any changes occur.
  • Prayer Meetings now every Wednesday
    Traditional Prayer Meeting
    Every other Wednesday – 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

    Informal Prayer Meeting including tea or coffee.
    Every other Wednesday – 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

  • Ladies Meeting
    Every Wednesday – 1:45 pm – 3:00 pm
  • Ladies Monthly Coffee Morning
    First Friday in the month – From 10.00 am at the Bag and Bean cafe.

    *Subject to Government rulings and any other Corona-virus restrictions

  • Mens Monthly Breakfast Meeting
    Last Friday in the month – 9.15 am – 10.30 am at Sainsbury’s Cafe.
    Dates to September 2020 – Jan. 31st – Feb. 28th – Mar. 27th – Apr. 24th – May. 29th – Jun. 26th – none in July and August – Sep. 25th.
  • Monthly Friday Evening Bible Study
    Every 4 Weeks starting Friday 13th Sept 2019 – 7.30pm to 8.30pm
    Dates till July 2020 – 17th Jan. – 14th Feb. – 13th Mar. (none in April) 8th May. – 5th Jun. – 3rd Jul.

    Casual setting/Tea Coffee & biscuits etc. 20 minute(ish) video ministry. Followed by half hour discussion. Led by Robert Stringer and Friends.
    Free and easy, chip in or not, bring a friend or not. No membership and free entry. Meeting in back hall.
    If you don’t have a meeting or event at your church on any of these dates and are at a loose end, feel free to drop in and join us.

  • Youth Club - Thursdays
    Due to current Corona-virus issues, Youth Club will be closed until situation settles. Early anticipation of resumption after Easter. watch this site or Facebook for resumption.
  • House Groups studying Nehemiah
    Every other Tuesday at Brenda/Robert’s –7:30 pm-8:45pm         (2020 dates – 21st January – 7th and 21st February)

    Every other Friday at Jane’s – 7:30 pm – 8:45 pm                        (2020 dates – 24th January – 7th and 21st February )

    (Ask for more details)

Dates for your Diary

      New to Church?

      We’ve all been there!  Turning up for the first time to somewhere new is never easy.  At Bryn, we offer a warm welcome to everyone who joins us and our meetings are accessible for all.  Here’s a few common questions that we get asked.

      ‘I don’t know where to sit’ our comfortable seating area carries no reservations.  You are free to sit wherever you like.

      ‘Is there a cost?  Will I need to bring money?’  Supporting the work of the Church is an important responsibility for our members, not guests or newcomers.  We do have a collection in our services however no one is obliged to make a donation.  There’s no pressure to give money.

      ‘I don’t know when to stand/sit/kneel’  Our services are very simple to follow.  We do not invite people to stand aside from when singing some of the songs, you may choose not to do so.  We do not ask people to kneel for prayer.

      ‘I don’t understand something I have heard’  Some of the people attending church have done so for many years and sometimes its easy to forget that not everyone understands the terms that may be used.  We consistently try to improve the way we communicate but if you have any questions, you may ask at any time or contact us with your question via the website or social media.

      Media Highlights

      Audio & Podcasts

      Talks from our Services

      We have a dedicated page which lists all available audio.  We add to this library with both current and classic recordings made over many years.  Here you’ll find a general selection to get you started!

      Selected Messages

      The End to the Beginning – John Bryce – May 5th 2019 AM

      Resurrection Fulfilled Prophesy – Robert Stringer – Easter Sunday 21st April 2019 PM

      Empty – John Martin – Easter Sunday April 21st 2019 AM

      Jesus Prediction and Prophesy – Robert Stringer – Good Friday April 19th 2019 AM

      1 Samuel 17 – Eddy Inglis – March 3rd 2019 Am

      2019 New Year Address – Robert Stringer – January 6th 2019 AM

      God’s Call to Personal Holiness – Robert Stringer

      The Vine – Vinney Commons

      We Do Not Lose Heart – Vinney Commons

      Have You Lost Your Cutting Edge? – John Martin

      Jesus makes us whole – Ray Tate

      The God of Second Chances – John Martin

      Dr. Steve Brady

      Find Us / Contact Us

      Our Address

      Bryn Baptist Church

      429 Wigan Road


      WN4 0DD

      Phone Us

      Contact our Pastoral Team via

      Robert Stringer

      07941 302840


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