Hi Everyone

A couple days ago I was explaining why we intended to continue with the
Prayer Meeting and the Sunday Meetings. How things are changing so fast,
and even the schools will be closing down on Friday.

Regrettable, but in compliance with the government guidelines, and to
protect the vulnerable in our fellowship, we are halting all activities
including the Sunday Services, and establishing communication and
practical support where needed.

One of the benefits of regular meetings and worship services is that we
can easily watch out for each other, but when separated like this it’s
much more difficult, and therefore we are organising a team to keep in
touch and to provide support, shopping, transport and conversations etc
for anyone needing help (Contacts and phone numbers below)

In addition, we are organising other avenues to keep each other in
contact and continuing ministry via video/dvd’s and weekly news letters,
details to follow soon.

Please continue in personal prayer, remembering those already struggling
with issues,

If you want to contact us for more information, please click on the below link.

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